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Our Medicaid Helpers

We’re Different. Here’s Why.


We’ve Been There

Members of our firm have first hand personal experience dealing with the difficulties of aging parents.  Planning for late life issues is not academic with us.  Each of us has traveled many of the same paths our clients now find themselves on.

We know that parents worry about being a burden to their adult children. As we age, our bodies weaken, and life forces us to depend more on our family.  We also know that as an adult, you have your own responsibilities to your family and job outside of your parents.

When the time comes to “parent our parents,” it creates unexpected stress on our family, our work and ourselves. That’s why we understand the importance of providing timely, competent guidance when important decisions about care must be made. And that’s also why we deliver our service with an extra helping of compassion.


What Is Elder Law?

Elder Law addresses the legal needs of seniors with special concern for their financial, social, and healthcare needs.  Our firm strongly focuses its attention on the issues of late life management. Ninety percent of our practice is dedicated to helping families protect their home, income and savings from the devastatingly high cost of nursing home care.


Our Purpose: Help Seniors and Their Families

Mulder & Freedman, P.C. is a Houston Elder Law firm and our mission is to provide late life legal services and guidance to the elderly and their family.

How We Help You

Medicaid requires you to “spend down” assets to qualify for Medicaid’s Nursing Home assistance. Mulder and Freedman, P.C. provides dependable “plain English” guidance to assist in protecting your income, savings and home from Medicaid’s harsh spend-down rules.

You have rights that allow you to protect your home and often a significant amount of your assets.  If you would welcome the peace of mind that comes from competent, compassionate planning, give us a call. We can help.


Clients Turn To Us To Answer Questions Like These:

  • Will mom and dad lose their home if one of them goes to a Nursing Home?
  • Why doesn’t dad’s insurance cover all the cost of care?
  • Does Medicare pay for nursing home care?
  • Can mom get good care if she is on Medicaid?
  • How can mom pay the high cost of dad’s care and still live with dignity?
  • What if dad has too much income? Can we still get him help paying nursing home bills?
  • Can mom protect her assets?
  • Can mom just give away her assets?
  • How can Mom and Dad provide a legacy to us kids if one of them needs nursing home care?
  • What are our options?
  • Are we doing the right thing?

We’ve helped hundreds of families. We’d like to help yours. Give us a call today 713-721-5657