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Estate Recovery

Medicaid nursing home assistance is not available to everyone. There are several tests that have to be met. One of them is an asset test. In other words, there is a limit on the amount of assets that a patient or a couple (in the case of a married patient) may have.

For Medicaid purposes, some assets count and some don’t. The primary asset that is usually not countable is the home. However, even a home that is not countable requires attention because of the Estate Recovery powers of the state.

Without planning, the state may be able to make a claim against the home after the patient passes on. The claim will typically be for the amount of benefits that have been paid by the state. In many cases this will exceed the value of the home and leave nothing for the patients family.

In other words, if proper steps are not taken in advance, even an asset that was not countable may be subject to a claim for reimbursement by the state when the patient passes on.

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